Dear Friends,

Hopefully I will be the last person you ever hear again say what a terrible 18 months it’s been!

But now as the Covid thing is further and further in the rear-view mirror, I’m excited to say that we can once again gather for our annual client dinner. I’m very pleased to say that this is our ninth anniversary of this event, and I’m excited that our clients and friends find the event so useful and popular. We’re happy to continue providing it – Gods of Pandemics willing.

Each summer we host this dinner as a way to communicate updates and ideas, but also for clients and friends to interact together. It’s one thing to meet with your advisor at your kitchen table but another thing altogether to talk with 150 other clients about their thoughts and ideas too. We believe that interacting together like this is an important part of the experience of working with us.

Once again this year, we’ll be at Anthony’s Oceanview in New Haven for a beach party! No formal attire please, it’s time to bust out your Hawaiian shirts, sarongs, and shorts (or equivalent)! This will be a casual and fun event with buffet style surf and turf, and live smokin’ hot party band Locomotion which sports a huge horn section! Yes horns! Like Earth Wind and Fire horns!

Our keynote presentation will be SHORT – no more than 15-20 minutes – but also far from the usual routine update. We have a lot of important things to discuss this year. Taxes are going up, insane amounts of national debt and climbing, increasing inflation, increasing regulations, and a more and more challenging investment environment. I’ll be covering the latest whitepapers and readings, and even digesting Ray Dalio’s Six Stages of the Civilization Cycle (yes, I promise you that is relevant) with a particular emphasis on where the United States is now.

An open bar will be available from 6pm to 10pm with cash bar afterwards for our night owl friends, and DJ Calisto will also spin liquid drum and base music from 6-7:15pm as he did for arrival at the event last time. Plenty of parking is available on site, but alas, there will be no shuttle for our friends who choose to stay overnight. ‘Yer goin’ to Uber it if you are staying overnight in New Haven or nearby.

If you are unable to attend the event, as usual our friends from First Light Videography will be recording the event to be posted on our website shortly after. Finally, for the protection of all our guests and friends PLEASE ONLY RSVP IF YOU WILL BE FULLY VACCINATED BY 16 JULY! But do RSVP early as reservations are required and space is limited.

To reserve your seat, contact our Operations Manager Catherine Coburn at 860.218.2048, or via email at

Catherine has also been instructed that she is held directly responsible for ensuring good weather for the event. So be sure to let her know when you call that you will be expecting nothing less than a pleasant and warm evening

As always, your guests are welcome – – and encouraged!! Elmo may even make a random cameo appearance – it’s possible!

Charles Wareham, CEO
Financial Advisor, Registered Principal

Guess what. The stimulus that we have spent to get out of Covid is now three times more than the stimulus we spent to get out of the 2008 financial crisis, which is on top of the already monumental national debt we had before we got here. We are becoming increasingly numb to the dangers of massive debt and spending, and sooner or later the other shoe will drop. It’s inevitable. It will arrive in the form of inflation, taxation, increased regulations, increased business and investment challenges, and more. And we haven’t even discussed China or the Middle East yet. Each and every investor should take their own investment risk pulse and measure it against the State of the World today.

As you know, I like to read, and I’ve been reading a lot. I’ll share with you as best I can the condensed version of things, but also with a hard look at how all these moving parts might come together. We’ll also discuss strategies we’ll continue to deploy, and although there is no assurance that any strategy will achieve it’s objectives, we’re optimistic we’re on the right path. Consider also that for the entire duration of your investment experience, you’ve probably focused on saving money and growing money. But now it’s also time to discuss how to ACCESS your money in the most tax efficient manner possible.

Our presentation will be short but poignant, fueled by the best research we can find, and the best thinking we can deploy.

Friday, July 16th 2021
Anthony’s Ocean View
450 Lighthouse Rd, New Haven CT

Clam Bake Beach Party!

Arrival 6pm with buffet style clam bake and short presentation around 7:15
Open bar 6pm – 10pm with cash bar after
Liquid drum and base with DJ Calisto from 6 – 7:15
Live Band from 7:30 – 10PM

Buffet Style Dinner includes:

BBQ Ribs, BBQ Roasted Chicken, Steamed Mussels,
Steamed Clams & Crab Bar
Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, Pasta Choices, Hors D ’Oeuvres,
Corn on the Cob, Clam Chowder, Pizza’s,
Assorted Salads and Fruits

Dinner options are all self-serve and self-selection

Meet our sponsors and partners:

Russell Investments, Fidelity, Hartford Funds, Jackson National, Allianz, Sierra Funds, First Trust, American Funds

To RSVP or for more info, please contact Catherine at 860.218.2048

Charles Wareham, CEO
Financial Advisor, Registered Principal

Charles is a thought leader, people leader, and wealth manager with a vibrant outlook on life. He began his career in 1992 with American Express Financial Advisors, and currently serves as CEO at Vaylark Financial Services in Downtown Hartford where he has led the firm to have been awarded Best Financial Consultant in the Hartford Awards Program for five consecutive years. In this brief presentation we’ll discuss stimulus, national debt, taxes, inflation, risk management and more.

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