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Please Join Us!

This Friday April 5th for a conference call with special guest John Hupalo.
Learn about the college appeals process and “boots on the ground” tips and strategies for paying for college.

Dear Friends,

This month we’ve invited nationally recognized expert in education loan finance and college planning John Hupalo to join us and chat with our clients and friends.  John is a long time friend of Valark Financial, and we’ve partnered with him often at client events, we’ve been a consultant on his college planning software, and served as guest presenter on his weekly podcast.  I’m excited that we can have John back to speak with our clients about the college acceptance and financial aid negotiation process.  I know this is front of mind for many of you right now, so the call is very timely!

In this call you’ll learn:

  • How to interpret your financial aid offer letter
  • How to negotiate and appeal your award
  • What payment options are available to you
  • What loans are the “good” loans, and which maybe not so much
  • How much debt is too much debt, and what can you expect for loan payments and duratione

Please join us for a 20 minute conference call this Friday April 5, 2019.  This call is best suited for those working through their college freshman applications, acceptances and financial aid offers.  Both clients and friends are encouraged to attend.

Friday April 5, 2019
12 Noon Eastern
Dial in: 800.356.8278
Meeting code: 828360

Slides for the presentation are available for download.

As usual, if you are unable to attend the call, an audio recording will be available afterwards.

This call is perfectly suited for families with college bound freshmen, or those who may know families with college bound freshmen.

John Hupalo is the co-author of Plan and Finance Your Family’s College Dreams (Peterson’s, 2016), host of the My College Corner Podcast, and regularly speaks on issues related to saving, planning and paying for college at conferences, on television and radio, and in print. Prior to founding Invite Education, he worked on Wall Street and served as the Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of a NYSE listed company.

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